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Here to serve the greater Memphis area in Memphis Mold Removal. We want to make sure you live and breathe in a clean, mold-free environment.
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MOLD TERMINATOR will gladly perform a preliminary assessment for you. Our friendly technicians will test for areas of moisture that may be sources of mold growth. We will determine the extent of your contamination and make recommendations on how you can immediately begin to protect yourself and those around you until the mold can be safely removed. If we find a level of contamination that requires certified, safe mold removal, we will formulate a remediation plan specific to your needs.

Each job done by MOLD TERMINATOR begins with a well-defined plan to keep mold spores from entering other areas of your home or building during the mold removal process. Our mold technicians follow EPA guidelines, and our mold removal process takes place in a very controlled manner.


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